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We get more than half of our new clients from Google, and that is almost entirely thanks to DVM Multimedia. DVM Multimedia has fully redesigned and developed our website. They also assist us with all of our SEO [search engine optimization] and Google work. In addition, they handle our more traditional forms of advertising by creating a monthly flyer for us as well as handling all of our email marketing.


- Director of Administration, Veterinary Clinic -


“I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your services.The website is awesome and the reviews and response that Demandforce has generated has been incredible. In a couple weeks we have more reviews that anyone in our metropolitan area.The website will help generate sales in our online store. The investment in these two services will pay for themselves many times over. Thanks you.”

- Steve Pope DVM, Pope Animal Hospital -


“I currently manage 2 small animal veterinary practices in Klamath Falls Oregon. We had been happy with our website (Vet Matrix) for quite some time; however a few months ago it came to my attention that another clinic in town had chosen the exact same website. This is an unfortunate downfall of companies who only offer “canned” pre­set styles: even if you love the product someone else nearby can have the exact same website, which ultimately diminishes the uniqueness and credibility of your own practices website.

After doing my research and speaking with every major veterinary website hosting company, I decided to place my faith in Troy and DVM Multimedia. The advantages that DVM Multimedia can offer include the unique ability to have full control over the layout of a website; you get a custom site without the custom price. So, where Vet­matrix or In­Touch may only allow you to change colors and themes, DVM Multimedia frees their clients from the constraints of “canned” websites and allows us to custom design themes that actually reflect our unique practice. In our case we were able to request a brick­work and hammered copper effect which is something that actually reflects our practice.

Additionally, the genuine care and customer service DVM Multimedia provides is unparalleled in the industry, anytime I have wanted to make a change (and I have requested many) they have always been eager to help and accomplished everything very promptly. During the building of the website AJ told me that they have never lost a client, and after being a DVM Multimedia client for only a few short months I can understand why. My advice to any other Practice Managers looking to upgrade their website and internet presence: Look no further, DVM Multimedia will build you the website you want with the functionality and flexibility you need to promote your unique veterinary hospital.”

- Chris Goslin, Practice Manager, West Ridge and East Ridge Animal Hospitals, Klamath Falls, Oregon -


“They increased business like they said they would. DVM Multimedia really delivered, they have a proven method and it worked for us too. I highly recommend them to all veterinary professionals.”

- Dennis Johnson, DVM All Pets Hospital, Fayetteville, NC -


“I’m so happy with the work DVM Multimedia has done for my veterinary hospital. When you see the results, you’ll realize what a great option they are for all things internet and marketing related. It’s a no-brainer for any veterinarian.”

- Celina Hatt, DVM Animal House Veterinary Center, Ewa Beach, HI -


“DVM Multimedia exceeded our expectations. They know the veterinary industry and many animal hospitals could benefit from what they offer. I recommend them to everyone who is considering their web options.”

- John Bullard, DVM Ann Road Animal Hospital, Las Vegas, NV -