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July 4th Pet Safety Tips

Posted July 3rd, 2014 by AJ Thakore in Blog

iStock_000019975738_ExtraSmall-300x182Veterinarians know that more pets are lost on July 4th than any other day of the year, but for some reason pet owners remain unaware. Educate your clients about the steps and precautions they can take to keep their pets safe and stress-free this Independence Day.

Make information about different medications and products (Thundershirts, etc.) available to clients and engage them on the topic beforehand. Social media and blogging are great ways to accomplish this. Many pet owners would love to try some of these stress relievers, but they don’t know they exist!

Also educate clients on the importance of microchipping. Explain the benefits and relative ease of the process, preferably in the form of a take-home flyer, and always make sure to stress that microchips need to be registered. An email newsletter would be a great way to get clients thinking about microchips while delivering a seasonal greeting.

Last but not least, print out or digitally share our July 4th Pet Safety infographic and spread the word!

Have a happy, pet-safe Fourth of July!